Design Educates volume 02 (2020) EBOOK

Design Educates volume 02 (2020) EBOOK

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The Design Educates vol. 02 book showcases the best ideas of the design and architecture that provide an educational value. Designs presented inside are from the top submissions to the Design Educates Awards 2020. Learn more about the book and the awards:

This is the digital version of the book (PDF file)

The Design Educates Awards (DEAwards) showcase those aspects of ideas and their realisations that transcend the projects’ mere physical attributes: for example, how design affects our sensitivities in the aesthetic, environmental, and societal realms. Ultimately, thus, we can learn vital lessons about a range of issues relating to our natural, built, and social environments.

Publishing & credits:

Publishing & credits:
Published in 2020 by Solarlux in collaboration with Laka Foundation.
Descriptions and images © authors from the DEAwards
Editors: Peter Kuczia, Damian Przybyła, Rafał Przybyła
Design: Bartek Witkowski
NUSO Verlag des Vereins für Ökologie
und Umweltbildung Osnabrück e.V.
ISBN 978-3-932378-14-0
Format: 31 x 22 cm
Pages: 143
Language: English